2020 Game is the game you go through last year. Here’s how to play the pandemic year

If you want to recap in a more unique way the atypical year 2020, then you have at your disposal a game similar to Mario that takes you through the whole year of the pandemic.

Since when have you not played, say, Super Mario, the game that marked your childhood? Probably for a very long time. Well, someone thought of making a game inspired by the atypical year 2020, marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

She came up with something really funny. It’s a game you finish in about 10 minutes, if you manage to get through all the obstacles. 2020 was clearly an atypical year and several documentaries have already been made that have analyzed life from the pandemic or entered doctors’ labs to see the work behind making a vaccine. But a game like this hadn’t been made before.


Once in the game, you will see that it takes you through all the important events of last year. You enter 2020 and you meet the fires in Australia. There you have some fire obstacles and, surprisingly, at one point you even save a koala bear. Then comes the pandemic with everything involved: queues at toilet paper stores, then the first wave and quarantine.

The game also takes you through the US presidential election, won by Joe Biden, but it also has some references to TikTok.


Game 2020 was created by Max Garkavyy, who says he managed everything in just six months. Of course, no one wants to remember 2020 anymore, but if you remember him playing like you used to do with Mario, then it’s not so unpleasant.

In order not to spoil your surprise, you better come play it. It’s really fun.

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