Another tech giant quits work under “normal” conditions: what’s happening on Spotify

In the last year, the watchwords have been Zoom and Telework, and now large companies are thinking of switching to remote work permanently, with lower costs and higher productivity.

The idea of working remotely was a myth until a few years ago. No one was expected as giants with thousands of employees to consider the possibility that, from the first to the last employee, they would carry out their activity from the comfort of the home. Initially, the transition to this business model was a must. After a few months, the benefits began to show.

If it weren’t for Apple, which invested $ 5 billion in a futuristic headquarters, all the other Silicon Valley giants have agreed that it’s more profitable in every way. and people to work from home.

The first to make announcements in this regard were those on Twitter. They followed shortly after Facebook and Microsoft officials with similar messages. It’s Spotify’s turn to embrace long-term, pandemic-independent telework.

Spotify officials announced a few days ago a program called Work from Anywhere. Through it, employees can choose to work from anywhere on Earth. If you feel that you are more productive if you work in the office, you will also have this opportunity, as always. If you do not feel safe or, for example, want to have your children under supervision, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can choose to work from the middle of Africa.

Apparently, Spotify will try to find you a rented office space, if you like the idea of not going to your usual office, but you feel that you are not very efficient at home. The particularities of the new program will be defined until this summer, during which time, the employees will agree with the managers when or if they will be traveling to the headquarters.

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