Apple is coming up with a new change: what can you do with a stolen iPhone

One of the current technology giants has several security measures in place. Thus, Apple is coming up with a new change for people whose iPhones have been stolen.

It is known that Apple has several measures in place to help users whose phones have been lost or stolen. These measures are trying to reduce the value for those who are trying to resell them. However, it has recently been reported that in Brazil, iPhone thieves did not steal phones to resell.

The ingenuity of the thieves went further, so that they accessed the banking applications on the phone, to steal their victims’ money. As mentioned earlier, the technology giant provides its users with several tools to help them lock or wipe their devices remotely.

According to a report by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, Apple and Google have also told consumer protection authorities in the country that it facilitates access to their services and the removal of a stolen smartphone. . Neither company has detailed what exactly they will do to make this “easier”.

In fact, it’s not that hard to access the Apple Find My network and report a device as lost / stolen and lock it or wipe it remotely. . All users need is access to a computer. Maybe Apple might think of creating some sort of helpline so that users can at least report the incident and have someone from Apple help them. remotely removes devices on their behalf. These ideas are only speculations for the moment, but it remains to be seen how this whole process will actually take place and also how the two companies will respond to the new phenomenon.

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