Bill Gates, on Elon Musk and his travels to Mars: the billionaire’s next plan is about us

A few days ago, Bill Gates was on the Sway podcast, created by Kara Swisher. In that context, he discussed his future plans and how he sees the obsession of billionaires to explore space.

Kara Swisher is one of the most important tech journalists in the world. Some of the most representative interviews with Steve Jobs more than a decade ago were conducted by Swisher. An opinion writer for the New York Times and New York, her name has been associated with the Sway and Pivot podcasts for several years.

In one of the most recent editions of the Sway podcast, he invited Bill Gates. In that context, Microsoft co-founder said he has no interest in sending people into space, unlike Tesla’s Elon Musk or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Â € œItâ € TMs important to say that what Elon’s work with Tesla is one of the greatest contributions ever made to climate change. You know, it’s not a good idea for Elon to be underestimated, “Gates said in the context of the podcast.

At the same time, the former head of the Redmond giant said that he is not a person “interested in Mars” and does not believe that “missiles are a solution”. At present, Gates has a fortune of 133 billion dollars, and in his opinion, the top priority of the people at present should be to prevent climate change. The philanthropist insisted that Tesla is doing an extraordinary job â € “with light things, such as passenger vehiclesâ €, but that we need to approach other industries to make a bigger difference in climate change.

â € œWe donâ € TMt do enough about heavy things: steel, cement, meat. And unfortunately, the things that people think about – electricity, passenger vehicles – are a third of the problem. We have to deal with two-thirds. If we all pay attention to the short-term data … we will lose what matters in the long run, the big problems, he said.

Regarding the ideal way to spend his money, Bill Gate said he would give his money on measles vaccines, rather than a space trip.

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  1. 🥰 Absolutely beautiful. Track list, location, crowd. I wasn’t there, but. Picking up the vibe just from the video and it’s beautiful! 🥰

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