Black Friday 2021 at Digi RCS RDS – the offer you didn’t know you needed, at an unbeatable price

Digi announces an unmissable Black Friday offer, with discounts of 50% of the subscription price, for 12 consecutive months, for individual customers who contract a new service during the four days of the campaign, activates an extra option, perform an upgrade or port the number to the DIGI mobile network.

Both new and existing customers can benefit from this offer and it is available online, on the website and in DIGI stores.

On the website, “Black Sheep”, the main character of the campaign, and you have been waiting for existing and new customers, from November 11, starting with 8 pm: 00, and from November 12, they will be able to be physically present in DIGI stores.

Also, existing customers who choose to add a service or a new extra operation or choose to upgrade can log in to the customer account, section â € “ “My services”. Depending on the desired change, they can add new services, extra options or upgrades.

At the same time, those who opt for a visit to one of the DIGI stores will receive the best communication solutions from the sales representatives.

When porting to the DIGI mobile network, prices between one euro and 2.5 euros per month (VAT included).

Therefore, existing or new customers who want an advantageous mobile subscription can contract one or more packages at half price from the initial value, during the Black Friday campaign.

Thus, the reduced price can vary between one euro and 2.5 euros per month for a year. The types of subscriptions are available for consultation on the company page.

For example, with the DIGI Mobile Optim Unlimited subscription, customers benefit from unlimited minutes nationwide, unlimited SMS in the DIGI network, three thousand international minutes and unlimited mobile data.

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