Dacia that no one expected: you would think it’s just a Duster, but the reality is different

Dacia is working on several fronts when it comes to the new launches it has in the program, and a model, in particular, has only now come to light. This is the new Duster Urban, a version of the new Duster facelift 2021 that comes with some interesting features.

Dacia Duster facelift will be available in a special version in Romania. The model about which nothing was known until this time is called Urban, and starting with September of this year, it will be able to be ordered by the curious. But it is important to hurry.

Only 1,000 customers will be able to get their hands on the new Duster Urban. The motivation behind the Mioveni builder’s decision is not very clear, but another aspect is even more important than that. Those who will be able to order the Romanian car will enjoy a not negligible gift. They will receive together with the car and an electric scooter whose autonomy of 30 kilometers makes it perfect for day trips through the city.

This version will be available exclusively in Romania and will have a starting price of 13,900 euros. The price includes the subsidy offered by the state through the Scrap Program. Starting this year, the value of the bonus is 7,500 lei. Among the options available, customers will be able to choose either the 100-horsepower Eco-G engine or the TCe 150 with the 1.33-liter turbo engine coupled to an EDC automatic transmission.

In terms of exterior features, only two exterior shades are available for the Dacia Urban Duster. It’s about Orange Arizona and Noir Nacre. The Urban logo will not be very ostentatious, but you will be able to see it on the central upright and on the thresholds. The volume of equipment you can opt for is Comfort or Prestige.

If you do not manage to buy a Dacia Duster Urban facelift 2021, the standard version of the car will be a little more expensive and starts from 14,1000 euros, before the state subsidy. On the other hand, you still have a chance at rarities in 2021. Then the Extreme Duster version will be launched. It will be painted in a shade of gray and will receive contrasting orange accents in the radiator grille and on the mirror housings. The name of the model will also be written in orange on the trunk door. Similar orange accents will be found in the cab, on the vents, in the center console and on the fronts of the doors. And the upholstery seams will be in the same contrasting shade.

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