How to change money on Revolut from euro to lei And more: what you need to know

If you are a Revolut user, you may already know that it allows you to quickly transfer various amounts of money, regardless of currency. However, you may not know how to exchange money on the Euro Revolut in lei and vice versa or in any of the other 26 supported currencies.

I often use Revolut and I love the fast and completely transparent money transfer mechanism. It’s as fast to send money to a friend as it is to text. If a friend sends you 50 euros from Germany, you may still not know how to convert from euros to lei, to use them as the rest the money you have in your virtual account.

In theory, Revolut automatically creates an account in Euro if you receive any money in this currency. The principle also applies to many other currencies. However, if you want to create an account in a foreign currency beforehand, you can do so easily from the application interface. Touch the amount of money in your account in the application interface and choose New. Choose the currency for the new account from the available options and confirm it.

To convert the euro into lei or any other international currency, the mechanism involves only a few clicks. Enter Revolut and, from the main screen, choose the account from which you want to convert. With it displayed on the screen, tap the three dots to the right of the Add Money, Send buttons.

If it wasn’t already obvious, opt for Exchange. At first, a list of terms and conditions may be displayed, accept it. Type the amount you want converted, and if you are satisfied with the amount you receive, displayed at the bottom of the screen, confirm the procedure by clicking on Sell EUR for RON or anything else. It appears in the same creature. You will see the money in your account in just a few moments.

As a reference, if you want to make such conversions, I recommend you do it during the week. On weekends, Revolut charges a higher commission of between 0.5% and 1% to offset the fact that stock markets are closed worldwide, and the company behind the application is trying to prevent major fluctuations.

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