How to get credit without going to the bank: who promises to receive your money directly into your account

Banks in Romania have had to adapt their work schedule, but also their interaction with customers. Now, one of them even offers online credit, without the need to go to the bank.

BCR adapted the program in the midst of a pandemic and allowed me to be present at the counter only on the basis of an appointment. Now, he takes things further and wants to offer credit cards online. The bank promises to get you a credit card in just 7 minutes.

Here’s how.

BCR claims that this is the first credit card issued by a bank exclusively online. The whole operation is carried out online, in just 7 minutes.

The online credit card is available in the George app and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer without any way to the bank.

Eligible customers only give their consent for the query of the ANAF database, choose the delivery address, receive and electronically sign the contractual documentation. The card, issued under the Visa logo, is sent by courier together with the activation instructions, without the need to travel to any bank branch at any stage. “We offer Georgeo a completely new digital experience: the first 100% online credit card.

â € œThe 100% online credit card completes the offer of daily banking products and services available on the George platform, from personal needs credit, refinancing, deposit, savings account, insurance, cashback, top-up And many more. Basically, our customers do not have too many reasons to go to a branch, in the conditions in which they can have from the comfort and home security the most important services of a bank. We will intensively continue the process of digitization of BCR services and products “, said Eleni Skoura, Executive Director of Products and Retail Segments.

The 100% online credit card has no issuance fee and comes with a cost of 0 lei for administration, in the first year of use. Customers can obtain a minimum credit ceiling of 1,000 lei and a maximum of 20,000 lei, up to 4 net salaries and benefit from purchases of up to 12 installments with 0% interest for purchases over 200 lei (or equivalent) from anywhere in the world, online or offline.

The card offers a grace period of up to 55 days in which the interest is 0% for payments made to merchants or on the Internet, payment of invoices at BCR ATMs and other operations. ›Banking units. Outside the 0 interest rate program, the current interest rate is 28% / year. The credit line repayment methods used are flexible and can be done through the George application, by bank transfer, at BCR multifunction devices or at any BCR unit. To be able to apply for a 100% online card , you must first become a BCR customer.

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