Millions of euros, debt to the Ministry of Labor: why did the government sue the state and they won

In case you were still curious about a reason why absolutely nothing is changing at the Ministry of Munich, Minister Raluca Turcan drew attention to a debt of several million euros that she died. hold itâ €.

Ever since she drew attention to the extraordinary bonuses paid to budgeters, Raluca Turcan continues to draw attention to the reasons why she simply cannot do her job. One of the reasons is related to a debt of approximately two million lei that had to be paid to the public servants who sued the institution of the ministry that Turcan leads.

The two million lei represent salary recoveries that the employees earned in court. Turcan showed that there are situations in which, due to differences in income, employment and inequities in the salary law, the state pays salary recoveries of up to 10,000 euros per year for a single employee of the public system who obtains these rights in court, according to

“We have in the public payroll system some gross inequities, some huge imbalances, resulting in costs from public money that are felt every year because any inequity in the public payroll system has led to lawsuits. In court, salary recoveries, last payments. And I will only give you the example of the ministry I lead: at the moment we entered the mandate we had to pay two million lei salary recoveries for the salaries of some employees of the ministry who earned In court. The first question I was asked was, “What do we do, do we pay them?” I say, “It’s a final court decision, we can’t gamble.” And this has happened everywhere in the public payroll system, â € Raluca Turcan told Digi 24 on Tuesday night.

The problems start from the fact that there are employees with the same function, the same level of training and salary differences of up to 2000 lei. The differences can be noticed in similar or identical institutions from different counties, and because the salaries end up being disclosed, they suddenly become the subject of litigation. According to the minister, in such situations the salary recoveries for an employee cost 5,000 euros per year or even 10,000 euros per year for a single employee who receives a differentiated salary in the public administration.

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