Musk’s controversial moment on Saturday Night Live – “Well, I said people would die in space”

Elon Musk’s highly anticipated episode of Saturday Night Live was full of surprises, awkward moments and occasional laughter. But one of the best moments of the evening was when the founder of SpaceX joked about the colonists on Mars who would have a horrible and painful death.

The sketch, entitled “Chad on Mars”, features Musk in the lead role, as he tries to save a colony on Mars from misfortune. as their oxygen levels deplete. Fortunately, there is a hero willing to sacrifice himself for the colony: Chad, played by Pete Davidson.

You can see the sketch below:

Although the sketch was funny, it was a little uncomfortable, considering the wider implications of this aspect. After all, it’s about Elon Musk, the head of a private space travel company, who openly jokes about people who trust him in terms of get their own life on another planet.

The sketch ends abruptly, as the billionaire quickly heads for the exit after Chad’s death. “Well, I said people will die,” the Tesla CEO replied in the clip. “I’ve never been here.”

On the one hand, it’s cool to see a CEO who can joke about his own business. But despite this, we should remember that there is a real human cost to space travel. In addition, the clip could haunt him again: Musk, if astronauts on Mars ever die during missions.

Elon Musk, head of Tesla and SpaceX, has announced that the Starship rocket could take humans back to the moon in 2024.

NASA is currently running the Artemis program to send people back to the moon, but also to try to form sustainable human communities there until the end. decade.

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