New rules for employers who let their employees work from home: a complete guide to the Ministry of Labor

Since Monday, November 9, Romania has entered a partial quarantine, and employers are urged to allow work from home where possible. In this context, the Ministry of Labor came up with a complete guide related to telework.

The Ministry of Labor published a complete guide to teleworking over the weekend, and that means, among other things, that new rules apply. Violeta Alexandra, the minister in charge, announced that it is about the “Guide for telework / work from home and the individualized work schedule”.

These are mandatory measures to be implemented starting Monday, November 9, 2020.

The Minister of Labor, Violeta Alexandru, claims that the guide was elaborated taking into account the current context.

“I asked the Labor Inspectorate to help employers, during this period, so that their employees, who will go to work remotely, have all the documents in place. I do not want to go over these implications generated by the recent decisions of the Government too quickly and after this period will end, when things return to normal, the employees will be surprised that things have not been put to rest. point for them. I admit that it is a “professional defect” – I like things to be fixed “, wrote Violeta Alexandru on her Facebook page.

The main measures refer, among others, to the establishment of individualized work programs. Here are some provisions:

– the fact that the employee works from home;

– the period for which this measure applies;

– the program in which the employer is entitled to control the employee’s activity and the concrete way of performing the control;

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