Old “turn off light bulb” applications: how you can still use them

Over time, iOS operating system updates no longer allow you to use certain applications. However, the old applications, although not all of them, can still be used.

Certainly, some of us are nostalgic for the old days, when phones had a home button or application icons were with bubbles, and here we refer to the first iPhone models. Well, there is a way to bring everything back, even if a downgrade is no longer possible.

According to The Verge, an application called OldOS recreates the iOS 4 experience in the latest iPhone models. This is an open source project created by Zane, a developer of only 18 years. OldOS uses SwiftUI to create an almost perfect iOS 4 experience, down to the finest details such as the unlock slider and the original wallpapers.

If you’re wondering about this “notch” that wasn’t a common occurrence ten years ago when iOS 4 was widely used, don’t worry about it. that it is hidden by a large black bar above the application. This makes the experience much more authentic. Of course, certain details are impossible to bring to life in full, such as the home button, which is just a drawing.

Another example is the Messages application, which does not work but everything is quite impressive and even usable as a secondary operating system. Of course, you have to be a fan of iOS 4 to want to use your secondary system so much.

To install OldOS, the first thing you will need to do is install TestFlight. This is the platform provided by Apple to test applications that are under development. Developers and young people can find the source code of the project here.

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