One minute on the internet, in amazing statistics: what happens online in such a short time

Every year, a new study appears related to our online activity broken down by minute. The analysis is performed by Lori Lewis and appears annually on AllAccess. This time, predictably, we are talking for a minute online in 2021.

The Internet is a vice as modern as possible. We are all dependent on him, from an increasingly young age. It has become a refuge for many of us and, at the same time, a source of frustration, false news and misinformation. If we still can’t help but grow old with our eyes on the screens, at least we can better understand what is happening online.

In just one minute on the web, over the past year, more than 500 hours of content have been uploaded to YouTube. 695,000 stories or Instastories were shared on Instagram. Nearly 70 million messages were sent via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Also in just 60 seconds, about two million swipes are made on Tinder, 197.6 million emails are sent. 28,000 people end up watching movies or series on Netflix at the same time. 200,000 people write something on Twitter, while 9132 new connections are created on LinkedIn.

The somewhat shocking part, however, is related to another activity carried out on the internet. In one minute, $ 1.6 million is spent in the beautiful online space. That means $ 2.3 billion is spent in a single day.

Last but not least, the internet in 2021 hosts 3.4 million snaps on Snapchat in a single minute, while 3 million images are viewed on the whole. Unsurprisingly, 1.4 million people use Facebook in the same minute.

All in all, we also have figures to show that we are unlikely to be able to run away from the internet too soon, they play a much too important role in our lives and the lives of our children. three.

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