Polaroid for the 21st century: how useful is the two-button instant camera

In case you’re still dreaming of the instant photos you took a few years ago using a Polaroid, the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 might satisfy your melancholy.

When it comes to niche gadgets, dedicated to a very limited audience, nothing is more interesting than this Fujifilm model. An upgrade to the Instax Mini 11 launched last year, the new Mini 40 is a bit smarter, but just as easy to use.

With a purchase price of $ 100, the new instant camera has a dedicated mode for selfies and has a very attractive retro look. Compared to the 2020 model, it costs $ 30 more.

It has two buttons, built-in flash and a lens with two levels of operation. If you extend it to the maximum, you will be able to make more attractive selfies with a level of clarity sport.

In terms of functionality, not much has changed since the model a year ago. Press a button to turn on the camera and extend the lens out of the case. Install the ten-picture cartridge behind the camera. Shoot the actual capture with the second button, and the camera takes care of the rest. Do your best to optimize the exposure time, whether or not flash is needed.

Finally, we are talking about an incredibly easy to use gadget in most situations, a useful toy. For framing selfies, there is no digital screen, but a small mirror at the top of the lens.

A bit sad and non-environmentally friendly is the fact that it works with AA batteries that should be enough to immortalize 100 frames. On the other hand, if you get some reliable batteries, you should have no long-term problems. The new room is expected to hit stores in late April for $ 100. The black frame movie in the image above will cost you $ 15 for 10 photos.

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