Sony wants to bring PlayStation into the hands of a billion users: the explanation of the extraordinary plan

Sony has ambitious plans for its PlayStation and although it has in its portfolio the most profitable and popular gaming console, it wants its gaming experience to reach the hands of a billion people and has a well-defined plan in this regard.

In recent years, many have wondered if Sony still has the ambition, the technical knowledge, and the financial strength to innovate just as it once did. The answer came from a conference a few days ago on corporate strategy. A press release on the subject was posted on the official blog.

In that context, the CEO and CEO of Sony said that he “wants to fill the planet with emotions (Kando) through the power of creativity and technology.” This is how Kenichiro Yoshida preceded Sony’s plan for the coming years. He also detailed the mechanisms and arguments behind the distribution deal for his Netflix and Disney film productions, but also why the PlayStation 5 continues to be a chimera at about halfway through. two years after launch.

The company’s current goal is to make the PlayStation and Sony service community expand from 160 million to a fabulous billion. In addition to this optimistic thought, Japanese officials explained that every copy of the PlayStation 5 that is produced and reaches the market is sold instantly. Even though there are major chip availability issues, Sony is optimistic that the PlayStation 5 will surpass PS4’s first-year sales of 14.8 million units.

But the key to Sony is service, cloud gaming and many subscription ambitions. He wants to bring a lot of people to the PlayStation Network, whether or not they have a PlayStation console at home. To that end, it will make massive investments in PlayStation Now, its streaming service for cloud games. In terms of money, it will invest about $ 184 million just to increase its capacity to develop new productions and hire even more talented people.

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