The elixir of life has just been discovered: how the secret code of alchemists was deciphered

The book that no one has been able to read for four hundred years has just been deciphered. Here is the secret code of the alchemists, untied by breaking a cipher.

The manuscript entitled “Hermeticae Philosophie medulla”, which was written in Latin by the alchemist John Dee and his son Arthur in the seventeenth century, could not be read for more than four hundred years. .

Now, researcher Megan Piorko has accomplished this, along with other colleagues, by breaking the secret code of the book, which contains the formula of eternal life, writes Atlas Obscura.

Piorko did his doctoral dissertation at Georgia State University in the United States on the alchemist Arthur Dee, who lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. One day, in London, Megan discovered the strange work in the archives of the British Library. The manuscript bound in fabric and leather has 31 sheets of parchment and paper. Some pages are written upside down. On one of those inverted pages he found an unusual passage, written in encrypted code.

In this way, Piorko learned that the text of the manuscript was encoded and hid the alchemists’ recipe for the elixir of life, or as they called it the “Philosopher’s Stone.” The doctoral student sought the help of a researcher, Sarah Lang from the University of Graz, to unravel the encrypted code of the book.

However, someone else managed to break the cipher, Richard Bean of the University of Queensland.

Thus, the decoded text describes the specific procedures for creating the elixir of life. One step alludes to taking an alchemical egg from a slow-burning oven, popular with alchemists and known as “athanor.”

Then the book explains how long you have to wait for the three universal alchemical phases to appear: black, white, and red. Also in the “impossible book” it is mentioned that, if all the steps are followed correctly, “then you will have a truly golden elixir”.

Now, the aim is to put into practice what is deciphered in the book.

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