The first images with an iPhone without a “Breton”. The change that everyone is waiting for, confirmed

If you’re an Apple fan and can’t wait for a strapless iPhone, find out that you might receive it sooner than you think.

Is it possible for Apple to really “escape” images with the new iPhone 13 in Ted Lasso, even as a joke or intentional? Obviously, Apple, like any other company, wants people to watch Apple TV Plus shows, but this latest release seems a bit unlikely.

Basically, around the 14th minute of episode 6 of season two of the Ted Lasso series, a character checks his phone for a message. The production belongs to the American giant and it is expected that the phone will be one produced by them. The problem is that the phone in the picture is not an iPhone launched on the market. Rather, a new product that could be announced at the company’s event in September.

According to the image below, it looks like this model doesn’t have that “notch”, the black bar at the top of modern iPhones.


It’s probably not a spoiler for the iPhone 13, because Apple is practically the most “closed” company on Earth. I can’t imagine that he could easily launch such information.

In addition, we do not expect an iPhone 13 without bangs. There are no rumors that the iPhone 13 will have a full screen, but only that the “breton” will be reduced by about 25%.

Another aspect is that Ted Lasso is one of the shows on Apple TV that uses computer-generated or CGI images. Which means the phone may be a result of CGI editing. This would make sense because the company likes to do dramatic things. There is also the possibility that this is just a marketing campaign designed to increase the overall enthusiasm before the actual launch of the new phone.

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