The huge danger you face on a daily basis because of your active location: how applications know everything about you

The technology is extremely useful, but it comes with many risks. And the active location on the devices you use is one of them.

In the age we live in, most people have a phone in their pocket and you can’t even use the term smartphone anymore, since all devices offer pretty much the same thing now. The less bright part of new technology is that digital giants know almost everything about you.

For most applications you need an active account, but there are others that require your location. Of course you need to reveal it when you travel with Uber or when you order food through an app. But an active location can reveal more about you than you think.

A large study reveals the danger you face on a daily basis when applications have access to your location: it’s about personal information in general. But this means that those applications also know their daily behavior, travel, interests and consumption habits. And that means a lot in the digital age.

All this information that applications get about you means tens of billions of dollars for digital giants. They are used to be targeted later with all kinds of offers, precisely based on the locations you visit. Based on the information gathered, everything is known about you: age, health, religion and political affinities.

That’s what digital giants actually do.

Many applications, whether iOS or Android, ask for your consent to access the location. Even Apple has put Facebook and Google at the forefront of new privacy policies. The problem seems bigger for Google, especially since a few years ago it was discovered that the giant continues to follow the consumption and behavioral habits of users even after the location it was disabled.

The study we mentioned, conducted by researchers in Italy and the United Kingdom, shows a huge volume of data collected.

To demonstrate this, a group of researchers created a special application that had access to the user’s location. And so it has been shown how easily this data can be collected. The special application – called TrackAdvisor – was installed on the phones of 69 volunteers. It operated for two weeks, during which time it registered no less than 200,000 locations.

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