The law was passed, money is given from the state for the “vulnerable consumer”: how do you receive money for gas, electricity and heat?

Many Romanians are in a very precarious financial situation. Even if they have a house and a salary or a pension, they cannot afford to pay for their utilities. In this context, they become vulnerable consumers, and the state extends a helping hand to them.

There has been a long discussion about defining the vulnerable consumer in Romania and the allocation of financial aid so that he does not run out of electricity, gas or heating in his own home, because he cannot afford it. to pay them. Now, with 115 votes in favor, one against and 12 abstentions, we are closer to generous sums of money to reach the needy.

The Senate adopted, on Monday, as the first notified body, the draft law on the vulnerable energy consumer. It was initiated by the government. The aid provided for in the legislative proposal is granted by offsetting a fixed amount of heating costs, but not less than 10% of the reference value, which, depending on the heating system, The heating used is 250 lei per month for natural gas, 500 lei per month for electricity and 160 lei per month for solid or oil fuels. For thermal energy, this reference value will be set monthly within the average consumption and depending on the local price of thermal energy billed to the population.

â € œFinally we have a law that defines the vulnerable consumer. After many meetings and hours of debates in the reunited Committees on Economy and Energy, together with my colleagues Alina Pop, Cristian Bordei, Dragos Popescu, Dan Ivan, who contributed with valuable amendments and opinions, today it was voted In the plenary of the Senate, the project that comes to the aid of people who are in difficulty in covering their expenses for energy consumption. It is a law expected since 2012. Thus, we can finally come to the aid of the people who need it most, who are facing the so-called energy poverty, said USR PLUS senator Silvia Dinica , chairman of the Economic, Industries and Services Committee, through a Senate press release.

Beyond the above technical features, it is important to note that approximately 400,000 people will receive money from the state as an energy supplement and heating aid. Unfortunately, it is estimated that the first financial aid will start to be transferred from September 1, 2022. If you are curious if you qualify, you must have an average monthly income of Up to 1445 lei, if you live alone or up to 810 lei / person average income within a family. To those who qualify for financial reasons are added people who, for health reasons, either need electrical appliances to stay alive or healthy, or have problems that prevent them. mobility, or access to information.

â € œDuring the discussions in the joint committees, the law has been improved by several amendments. We have simplified this application procedure for aid so that we reach vulnerable consumers as easily as possible and do not discourage them through bureaucracy, leaving local authorities to take the necessary steps where it is needed. the case, added Silvia Dinica. At this moment, the law still has to pass the Chamber of Deputies, from the position of decision-making body.

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