The perfect pandemic gadget: take the athlete out of you and come up with Netflix

If there weren’t enough smart gadgets in your home, you can make a significant investment in an indoor bike with Netflix.

Exercise creators are becoming more and more creative when it comes to devices launched in recent years. Some come with a subscription to stay connected to the training session with the best instructors. Others offer a large screen to enjoy your favorite content.

This second category includes the new Playpulse One, a device that motivates you to pedal using your favorite series on Netflix. I don’t know exactly the operating system, although I think it’s a form of Android, but while you exercise, your bike will allow you to play using the controls on handlebar, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

The size of the screen integrated in the bike is 24 inches and, in addition to the fact that you can use it as a TV, it is sensitive to touch and you can link its functionality to your purpose. In terms of fitness. For example, if you do not maintain your running pace, the screen will turn black until you increase your speed a bit.

At launch, the console will come with four games in which you can engage the mechanical pedaling gear, for a higher or lower speed. You have tank fights, car races and other variations on the same theme. Apparently, there will be other games, but they will be released later.

If you feel ambitious, the “toy” allows you to set long-term goals, such as traveling the distance from Paris to London or the entire US Route 66 highway. With a mobile application, you can track your progress at any time.

A subscription was almost inevitable in 2021 and it’s not small, $ 20 a month. The good thing is that you don’t pay it until after the first six months and even then it’s optional. You only buy it if you want synchronized sports sessions with a coach. The price for pre-orders is $ 1,200 for the new Playpulse smart bike, with the stipulation that it will jump to $ 2,000 when it hits stores later this year.

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