The robot that made doctors’ lives easier in a pandemic, a marvel of technology

Technological advancement has played a very important role in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in various parts of the world, from the rapid development of a vaccine to the use of robots to provide assistance. ›Medical.

Among the robots that have made the lives of medical employees easier are Grace, the creation in the image above. It comes from the same team in Hong Kong that has made waves globally in recent years through the humanoid Sofia.

From the very beginning, Grace was thought of as an aid in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Among its strengths, this robot is able to provide help to the elderly and those in isolation. Dressed in a blue coat reminiscent of a nurse’s equipment, the robot still has a few Asian features. The hair is brown, and an important part of the technology included inside can be seen at the base of the neck.

As you can see in the intro picture, it has several rooms, but the most important is the thermal one. That can be used to take a patient’s temperature, but also to measure their reaction time. Uses an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to diagnose a patient and is able to speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

“I can visit people and brighten their day with social stimuli, but I can also have therapy sessions, take measurements, and help health care providers,” Grace told Reuters, while sitting next to Sister Sophia at the Hanson Robotics Development Center in Hong Kong.

The company’s founder is very proud of this project and told him that the similarities between Grace and a nurse, combined with the robot’s social interaction skills, will make it easier to reduce pressure on front-line staff. fight against Covid, but It is also after the end of the pandemic.

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