The Uber alternative is having problems: China has taken drastic measures

Uber alternative faces major problems after, China decided to take drastic measures against the company. The Chinese administration has ordered the removal of the application from all online stores.

Application privacy is a very important principle in China, reaching one of the largest targets to date. According to Bloomberg, the science administration has ordered the removal of the Didi Chuxing app from mobile stores, including the Apple App Store and the Huawei AppGallery.

The software allegedly committed serious violations of the regulations by collecting and using users’ personal data without their consent, officials said. The Asian government did not come up with an explanation for its decision. The measure came just two days after a formal review began.

In case you are among the users who have downloaded the Didi application, well find out that it is still functional. Representatives of the Didi application have stated that they intend to remedy this privacy issue in order to comply with Chinese regulations. At the same time, the process of registering new users has been interrupted, starting with July 3rd.

At this time, no one knows when both the application and the registration of new users by creating new accounts will return. This measure could further help protect privacy in China. At the same time, it reflects China’s growing attempts to control its domestic technology giants.

Recently, the Chinese government fined AliBaba $ 2.8 billion for alleged monopolistic practices, just one example. Didi is already under control for possible antitrust violations as well as security issues. The restraining order is both an escalation of this control and a signal that China is poised to crack down on sanctions when companies do not comply with the regulation.

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