This year’s Easter, a new topic of heated debate: the Vatican’s announcement is clear

The pandemic is not over, and many territories in Romania and around the world continue to have significant restrictions. In this context, Easter should be celebrated under special conditions.

In 2021, Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on May 2. During that time, there will be a four-day mini vacation. Good Friday is also a day off for Romanians. Thus, Romanians will have, on the occasion of Easter, a four-day mini-holiday: Friday-April 30 (Good Friday), Saturday-May 1, Sunday-May 2 and Monday-May 3 ( the next day of Easter). The Catholic Easter will take place much earlier, on April 4th.

Calculating the date on which Christians celebrate Easter has two natural phenomena, one with a fixed date, the spring equinox, and another with the relative date, the full moon. The latter causes the date of Easter to vary. Every year. In addition, the use of two different calendars explains the gap between this holiday for Catholics and Orthodox. The Catholic Church refers to the spring equinox according to the Gregorian calendar, while the Orthodox Church calculates the event. the Julian calendar, in the old style.

Beyond these contextual features, just as likely as in 2021, Catholic Church leaders will encourage people to respect social distance and realize that we are going through a pandemic. while the Orthodox Church will be at the other extreme. We have more important traditions, sharing with the same spoons and other practices that have already led to the death of several religious prelates from Romania.

For Catholic believers, the pandemic will lead to a country where restrictions imposed last year will be respected. “For the celebration of religious rituals on Flower Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, last year’s indications are valid,” said the Congregation for Divine Worship, according to ANSA. “We are still facing the tragedy of the Covid pandemic.” 19, which brought many changes even in the normal way of celebrating the liturgy, wrote the prefect of the congregation, Card. Robert Sarah.

Basically, in 2021, the Catholic Easter will be without “foot washing” on Maundy Thursday, without the kiss of the Cross on Good Friday, and the Sunday service of Flowers will be celebrated only on the premises. churches: these are just some of the indications that will be repeated in 2021 and that bishops will have to adapt to depending on the pandemic situation in their territory. Religious ceremonies and prayer at home with family members are also encouraged.

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