Toyota is looking to innovate: how the latest project can help us

Toyota recently announced that it will work with four other Japanese vehicle manufacturers to explore the viability of alternative green fuels for internal combustion engines, including hydrogen and synthetic biomass fuels.

The companies, which in addition to Toyota include Mazda, Subaru Corp., Yamaha Motor and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, have announced a race track near Okayama, western Japan, where Toyota is testing a car. racing, which is equipped with a hydrogen engine.

During the event, the hydrogen racing car was driven by Toyota Chief Executive Akio Toyoda, along with other Toyota officials.

Converting internal combustion engines to green fuels, such as hydrogen, is technologically difficult, but this would allow companies to support decades-long supply chains that employ hundreds of thousands of workers. , which might otherwise require you to give up building electric vehicles.

Hydrogen engines are a controversial topic in the automotive industry because there are many rumors that they are not a viable system. Among the arguments given are those related to the cost of production but also the lack of a supply network. At this point, hydrogen stations cost far too much. On the other hand, several companies have invested in research and development, with Toyota being the leader in this regard.

As nations tighten environmental regulations to reduce carbon emissions, automakers, including Toyota, are increasing their production of electric vehicles. Japan has stated that it wants to be carbon neutral by 2050 and that it is promoting the use of hydrogen fuel.

Toyota plans to create 15 EV models by 2025 and is investing $ 13.5 billion over the next decade to expand battery production capacity. At the same time, however, it continues to develop hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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