VIDEO Probably the fastest electric motorcycle in the world: what WMC250EV promises

Electric motorcycles are starting to become a viable alternative as the entire auto industry moves in this direction. But the WMC250EV wants to take things further.

A little-known British company comes up with a bold idea: it wants to produce the fastest electric motorcycles in the world. It takes a lot of work to get there, but White Motorcycle Concepts thinks it’s a recipe.

They presented a prototype model, which they claim can break any speed record on the circuit. The current record holder is former world champion Max Biaggi, who drove a Voxan Wattman and reached a speed of 408 km / h.


The British claim that they have found a way to make their motorcycle even more aerodynamic than can be built today. It is, in fact, a piping system, called “V-Air”, which makes it the most “aerodynamically efficient motorcycle in the world”.

By forcing air through the middle of the bike instead of around it, the WMC250EV reduces resistance by up to 70 percent – figures that were tested at the British installation Horiba MIRA.

The evacuation of the upper part of the motorcycle also led to a much more creative design. The electric transmission and the battery packs are crowded in the lower half. It also uses a double-wishbone suspension system. The rear wheel is driven in a chain by a pair of 30kW electric motors, while 20kW supplies power to the front wheel.


Together, they provide a total of 100kW or 134 hp, according to Top Gear. For now, as I said, this motorcycle is just a prototype, but if things go well, then it could go into series production. It remains to be seen if anyone will be interested in creating something like this.

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