VIDEO Worms Rumble is the newest battle royale and launches soon

Worms is one of the games of my childhood and that of many other internet users, and the battle royale version will be launched soon, in line with the market trend.

Worms is a turn-based strategy game in which you control an army of worms. Because it’s turn-based, multiple people can play on a single PC, Mac, or console, just like at E-ah, once you move, once I move. The upcoming Worms Rumble will be the first game in the series to give up the classic network in favor of real-time gameplay, just like in Fortnite, for example.

The new Worms will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and is currently available for pre-order. Like other battle royale games, up to 32 players can compete in a single map in Battle Royale mode or, alternatively, the traditional Death Match, in which The last remaining worm is alive.

It is important to remember that the title will not only be cross-platform, but also cross-play. This means that PC gamers will be able to play against PlayStation And vice versa, so that you never run out of enemies. The arsenal you will have at your disposal will be a combination of the classic weapons that you have and love, to which new equipment is added.

As with Call of Duty Warzon or Fortnite, the action in the game will be divided into seasons. There will be daily challenges and interesting gameplay mechanics. Apparently, inside a lab generically called The Lab, you’ll be able to do a series of experiments to better understand how weapons and game mechanics work before you fight real enemies. The game launches on December 1, but there will be a public beta between November 6 and 8.

Get ready for launch with our cross-platform open beta starting November 6th and fight to be the Last Worm Standing.

Pre-order on Steam:

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