Windows vs. Chrome OS: What important decision does Microsoft make, how does it affect you?

Google Chromebooks are a real threat to Windows. Here’s how Microsoft wants to remain a leader.

Although still far from being a real alternative to Windows, Chrome OS, the system developed by Google, is still considered a threat to one of Microsoft’s main products. Thus, the latest response plan includes cheap laptops sold under the Surface brand, according to

Microsoft had a response to the Google threat and at one point even had a special version of Windows that system vendors could use on weaker PCs. but he gave up the idea. Now, Microsoft is back with the same idea.

Namely, a special version of Windows 11, but which he wants to put into practice alone, with his own laptops.

So the American company wants to produce cheap laptops, which it will sell under the Surface brand with a modified version of Windows 11 that will be called Windows 11 SE.

Windows 11 SE will not be much different from Windows 11. Some components will be removed to make it work on weaker laptops, which will be sold to educational institutions. According to, it seems that this is a cheap first laptop with 11.6 inch screen (1366 x 768 pixels), Intel N4120 Celeron processor, 8GB RAM and a USB-A port and USB-C.

Shortly after Microsoft released Windows 11 earlier this month, AMD warned that the operating system could slow down applications on Ryzen processor systems.

The chip maker has promised to fix the bugs, and now AMD and Microsoft have issued fixes that should do just that.

The latest chipset driver, version, should deal with the UEFI CPPC2 issue, which in some cases did not “preferentially program the wires on the fastest core of the processor,” he said. I HAVE D.

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